portraits of an overlooked world

A thorn dislodges from its stem and slowly makes its way towards a distant sun. An innocuous clump of blossoms erupts to impale a hapless visitor, then settles back into a deceptive stillness to digest its still-living meal. Appearances can indeed be deceiving.

This industrious yet ephemeral empire of pollen gatherers and nectar sippers, thieves and raiders, garbage collectors and parasites, inhabits every conceivable corner of the crowded city, yet are often hidden in plain sight. 

Beyond the contempt many feel for these creatures I find fascination, and a pageant of shapes and colours unrivalled by even the most exotic marketplaces in any far-away land. Most are smaller than the eye that beholds them, yet they manage to fill my imagination to overflowing with their strange and even alien ways.

Portraits of an Overlooked World is a collection of uncannily formal portraits of the most unlikely subjects. It is an invitation to stare in wonder at the incredible diversity of tiny living beings with whom we share the city.

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