about me

Michael Battenberg has been fascinated with small things for much of his life, and his photographic work reflects this fascination. His work explores ambiguities on the boundary between familiar and unfamiliar forms. His hope is to capture the imagination of his viewers and lead them into new ways of experiencing both visual and imagined worlds. 

He can often be found exploring the undergrowth, photographing the tiny world of insects, fungus and other members of the intricate web of life beneath our feet.

His projects include Portraits of an Overlooked World, a colourful exploration of the insect world; Intimate Nature, evocative floral portraits; and Celluloid Series, which uses cross-polarization photography to create miniature kaleidoscopic landscapes.

Michael facilitates Photography and Spirit, an interactive contemplative program.

His work has been shown in venues throughout Toronto, and his book Portraits of an Overlooked World, is available on Blurb. 

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